Helping women who have faced adversity become resilient and find healing,
so that they can find the path to joyful living.

What is your most important goal in life?

Most would say: Live A Joyful Life! Would you agree?

If you are tired from experiencing:

  • Isolation and Loneliness

  • Attracting constant adversity

  • Fatigue, sadness, and depression

  • Uncertainty about your next steps

  • Feeling like a perpetual victim

  • Lack of control over your life

  • Emotional weakness or brokenness

  • Punishment from life's challenges

  • Feeling at the mercy of your circumstances

And You are Ready to:

  • Embrace Hope and Positivity

  • Cultivate Inner Strength

  • Undergo Transformation

  • Thrive Despite Challenges

  • Contribute and Give Back

  • Practice Gratitude Daily

  • Recognize the Miracles in Your Life

  • Live a Life Filled with Positivity

  • Improve Every Aspect of Your Life

The the Heal with Gold Course
may be the answer to your prayers!

Welcome to Heal with Gold, an 8-week journey inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi. This transformative course follows the philosophy of repairing broken pottery, teaching us how to mend our own brokenness and emerge even more valuable, unique, and special—just like the art itself. Join us as we learn to put our pieces back together and embrace our inherent resilience and beauty.

You won't be alone!

I am Miri Grunhaus, and I am going to be your Sherpa

After encountering what felt like the "last straw," I realized the urgency of fortifying my resilience. This led me on a three-year journey, interviewing resilient women who had triumphed over adversity. Much of what I discovered is detailed in my book, Heal with Gold. Since then, I've faced new challenges, including my husband enduring two strokes and a rare tumor, forcing us to sell our home and move four times in less than two years.

I share this not for sympathy, but to demonstrate that I've walked the path of adversity and emerged stronger. Implementing the Kintsugi principles from the course has enabled me to bounce back faster. I'm here not just to empathize, but to empower you to thrive beyond adversity. Together, we can shorten the recovery period and transition from being knocked down to scaling new heights.

Don't postpone your Joy!

The Heal with Gold Course Includes:

  • 8 Modules featuring 4-6 instructional videos each

  • Time-stamped video outlines for easy navigation

  • PDF descriptions accompanying each video

  • Interactive worksheets for online or print use

  • A Kintsugi Pottery course, focusing on the healing process

  • A custom Kintsugi Meditation crafted by the talented Lucy Lynch

  • Abundant bonus content

  • Lifetime access to the course materials

  • Access to all future updates

  • Membership in the vibrant Heal with Gold Community

  • 2 months free access to our exclusive membership platform

The Heal With Gold Journey

This pre-course module is focused on preparing you for the journey ahead, overviewing the lessons, and ensuring you believe in your ability to create change.

Learn how to grieve properly, assess the brokenness and plan how to move forward. Part with the victim mentality and look forward to a joyful life.

See the potential of a joyful life, by starting to implement easy steps that will quickly show an improvement in your overall feeling. This is a time of great hope and clear changes.

It takes time for changes to become ingrained and to see the results. In this crucial part of the healing journey, we will work on staying focused even when old patterns are hard to break.

Creating boundaries and implementing methods to ensure we don't go back to old patterns. Understanding tendencies and figuring out how to strengthen new habits.

Add gold to your life by giving meaning to your story. Use what broke you as your special power and share your wisdom to help others, ultimately bringing you joy.

Appreciate the resilience tools you have at your disposal and recognize the incredible progress you have made. An overview of your journey, and what it means for you and for your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Course For?

This course is designed for individuals who are seeking to grow in resilience and become stronger in the face of life's challenges. It's for those who want to navigate adversities with greater ease and overcome obstacles with grace and determination.

If you're someone who yearns to find beauty in life, even amidst struggles, and desires to cultivate inner strength and personal growth, this course is for you. Ultimately, it's for those who want to experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Can I benefit from this course if I don't feel like a victim or am experiencing adversity?

Absolutely! Even if you don't currently feel like a victim or are not experiencing adversity, this course can still greatly benefit you. Life is inherently full of ups and downs, and no one is immune to facing challenges.

By learning how to control your mind and develop resilience, you'll be better equipped to navigate through life's inevitable struggles. Whether you're currently facing difficulties or not, the tools and strategies taught in this course will empower you to respond more effectively to any obstacles that may arise in the future. After all, we all encounter challenges at some point in our lives, and building resilience is key to thriving through them.

How long is the course?

The course consists of 8 modules, with each module unlocking after the completion of the previous one. This allows you to progress at your own pace—whether you prefer to move quickly or take your time.

While there's flexibility in the timeline, we recommend dedicating a full week to complete each module. This ensures ample time to absorb the content, practice the techniques, and integrate them into your life effectively.

In addition to the modules, the course includes custom-created meditations for each module, a ceramics Kintsugi course, and interactive worksheets that encourage reflection and writing. As such, the duration of the course varies depending on individual engagement and commitment.

What is unique about this course?

What sets this course apart is its comprehensive approach that caters to every type of learner. Unlike traditional courses, we understand that everyone absorbs information differently. That's why we've designed this program to be multi-sensory, offering a variety of components to suit your learning style.

Whether you prefer listening, reading, or hands-on activities, we've got you covered. With engaging videos, interactive worksheets, a hands-on Kintsugi course, and custom-created meditations that you can watch or listen to, you'll find a learning format that resonates with you.

While the concepts may seem simple, putting them into action can be challenging. That's why our course is structured in a progressive manner, allowing you to build on your skills gradually. By breaking down the material into manageable steps, we ensure that you can apply what you've learned effectively without feeling overwhelmed.

Is there a warranty for the course?

We understand the importance of feeling confident in your investment. However, due to the nature of the course content and the fact that once accessed, it cannot be returned, we do not offer refunds.

It's important to recognize that success with this course is dependent on your commitment and willingness to put the material into practice. Each individual's journey is unique, and we cannot guarantee specific outcomes.

We firmly believe that true growth and transformation occur when you fully commit to the process. By enrolling in this course with the understanding that there's no turning back, you're making a powerful statement of dedication to your personal development. We're here to support you every step of the way, but ultimately, your success is in your hands.

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Have you Read the Heal with Gold Book?

Unlock the secrets to healing your body and soul with "Heal with Gold," a best-selling guide that reveals the 10 golden nuggets to resilience and renewal. Based on extensive research with resilient women who have triumphed over adversity, this book offers practical insights and actionable steps to help you navigate life's challenges with grace and strength.

Discover how to mend the broken pieces of your life and emerge even stronger with each setback. From cultivating resilience to finding joy in the midst of pain, "Heal with Gold" provides the tools and inspiration you need to transform adversity into opportunity.

Whether you're facing a personal crisis or simply seeking greater resilience in your daily life, this book will empower you to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and live a life filled with purpose and joy. Don't wait any longer—unlock the power of resilience and start your journey to healing today with "Heal with Gold."

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