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Helping women who have faced adversity become resilient and find healing, so that they can find the path to joyful living.

Helping women who have faced adversity become resilient and find healing,

so that they can find the

path to joyful living.

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My Mess Became My Message

After going through a loss, I felt shattered. Despite being naturally strong and resilient, that time of my life proved to take my breath away, and not in a good way. 

My father used to describe me as someone with so much "joie de vivre" - zest for life, and I was determined to get it back.

The Moment That Changed My Life!

A friend sent me a video that described the Japanese art of Kintsugi. It is the art of mending pottery with lacquer and gold. As a philosophy, it teaches that everything is mendable and after fixed it is more valuable, stronger and more unique than before. It was an Aha! moment. I realized that I can heal and through doing the necessary work I would become a better version of myself. I started my healing journey knowing that I had what it took to become Kintsugi.

I began a research project:

I interviewed women who had survived adversity and were thriving to learn about their journeys

How did they heal? What was their journey like?

Was there something in common between these women?

Could anyone take the same steps and be as successful?

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The findings Were Transformational!

The #WeAreKintsugi Movement Was Born

I interviewed a large number of women from all walks of life, and I made an amazing discovery! No matter the hardship, no matter the woman's background, the journey to joy is pretty much the same!

I implemented what I learned in my life. One day I realized that my old self, the one with "joie de vivre" was back. I was joyful and I had a new mission! I would share my finding with women who, like me, had experienced adversity, felt broken, but want to feel joyful again. And so... the #WeAreKintsugi Movement was born.If you are determined to live your best life, if you are committed to do the work even when it gets hard and at times painful, if you are IN for the long haul, then this course is for you!

If your are this woman, I welcome you to my community and I hope to share the GOLD with you!

What Would You Say is Your Main Goal in Life? 

Most would answer, to live a joyful, peaceful, happy life. But how successful are we? We try to fill up our closets, our mouths, and our days with activities that seem to be joy-producing but in reality it is not creating that joyful state of being. But there are intentional ways of living that will bring you closer to your goal. We have created a 10 week course that will lead you through this transformational journey, in a safe environment, with a community and with accountability, which will keep you focused and committed.

If You Say YES to JOYFUL Living

Take control of your life. You are the author of your story, what will the next chapter look like?
Below is a description of the content of our healing course based on the Kintsugi method.

The Heal With Gold Journey

This pre-course module is focused on preparing you for the journey ahead, overviewing the lessons, and ensuring you believe in your ability to create change.

Learn how to grieve properly, assess the brokenness and plan how to move forward. Part with the victim mentality and look forward to a joyful life.

See the potential of a joyful life, by starting to implement easy steps that will quickly show an improvement in your overall feeling. This is a time of great hope and clear changes.

It takes time for changes to become ingrained and to see the results. In this crucial part of the healing journey, we will work on staying focused even when old patterns are hard to break.

Creating boundaries and implementing methods to ensure we don't go back to old patterns. Understanding tendencies and figuring out how to strengthen new habits.

Add gold to your life by giving meaning to your story. Use what broke you as your special power and share your wisdom to help others, ultimately bringing you joy.

Appreciate the resilience tools you have at your disposal and recognize the incredible progress you have made. An overview of your journey, and what it means for you and for your future.

The course is currently closed. Sign up to join our waitlist!

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"We are stronger in places we have been broken" – Hemingway